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Virtual TVET (ODeL)

✍🏽 Our Virtual TVET digital content is meant to be used as supplementary learning that complements a wide range of existing curriculums which are typically offered by many learning institutions.

✍🏽It is meant to be used by individual learners that may be already taking courses at their local institutions.

✍🏽It can also be used for reskilling for a new job or even if you are just curious and want to acquire new knowledge and skills.

✍🏽Our acclaimed interactive animations and simulations visually show how things work and their interrelationships.

✍🏽Our assessments are part of the learning process. We use our formative assessments to find out what a student does not know and guide him to achieve a more thorough understanding.

Other Courses


Labtech HVAC introduces a wide range of courses including, Basic Electricity, Electronics and Controls, Refrigeration Systems, Refrigeration and Aircon Compressors, Air Conditioning Systems and Automotive Air Conditioning. This provides the users with typical examples of the range of learning materials contained in each of the modules.


This introduces the Basic Engine Fundamentals, Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems, Petrol & Diesel Fuel Systems, Engine Management Systems, Manual, Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles, Wheel Drive Systems, Propeller Shafts and Differential Gear, Brake Systems, Steering, Suspension Systems and Hybrid Vehicles.


Our Virtual sTEm TECH interactive digital learning content is designed as self- paced topics that can be used by the teacher or student for independent learning (minimal teacher involvement) focusing on Technology and Engineering. The learning modules contain numerous activities to allow users to practice their understanding of the principles of the modules.

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