One Profession - Many Sectors.

Training to become a welding engineer opens opportunities in many different sectors, such as steel and rail vehicle construction, offshore and aerospace technology, pipeline engineering, as well plant engineering for the chemical industry, mechanical and automotive engineering.

Most of the familiar objects in modern society, from Buildings and Bridges, Ships and Ferries, to Vehicles and Medical devices, could not be made without the use of welding.

Benefits of Soldamatic IE Augmenting Training Technology for Welding

Materials, Space Required, Gases, Consumables And Time

Increase Ratio Of Certified Welders per students trained In Less Time

to welding careers with Modern And Digital Learning

Allows Students To Increase Their Practices Without Additional Cost

– during the welding training process

ODeL For Instructors and Students

Theory, Exercises and Exams

Greening the Welding training process

Flexible Software Subscription Model Adapted To The Market And Sector Needs

About Soldamatic IE

Soldamatic IE is the first Welding Training Solution powered with Augmented Reality (AR) in the world.

AR enables students to experience a different learning cycle that will make them retain more knowledge longer

Attract the new generation to welding profession. The AR technology makes everything more visual and attractive

Reduce the use of consumables and their cost

Reduce the risks and accidents, train in AR before moving to the real workshop

Learning management system is focused on helping instructors to manage the whole training program, monitor and assess the trainees’ performance and generate statistics and reports.

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