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Through our partners, we help businesses stay on track when disaster strikes. Whether it’s your IT or business operations, we have decades of shared experience working behind the scenes to keep your business running smoothly.

Backup as a Service

Losing data happens all the time – it’s a fact of life.Thousands of people rely on your data, from colleagues to customers and everyone in-between. Losing it is an effective way to bring a business to its knees.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) combines the best of cloud computing and expert support for systems-uptime.We all face a growing need for systems-uptime.Disaster Recovery as a Service makes this a reality.

Business Continuity as as Service

A managed continuity framework that delivers specific, proven solutions to the distinct threats you face. Our experts constantly monitor your business, and assess and update plans accordingly and match your ability to respond.

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Our Partners

We work with reputable organisations to ensure our clients experience trustworthy,
high quality services that add value to their businesses and clients.

BitDefender Security

Cyber & Endpoint Security


Data Leak Prevention (DLP)


Augumented Training for Welding


Software Solutions for Compliance and Process Excellence

Labtech Academy

Virtual TVET


Cyber Security

Data Barracks

Backup-as-a-Service & Business Continuity


Digital Forencics